Escape Abandoned Boat House

Escape Abandoned Boat House 1.0.0

83rd Escape Game by Quicksailor.

83rd Escape Game by Quicksailor.

83rd Escape Game by Quicksailor. During vacation, your friends plan to go on holidays. They decide to take up a boat house and spend their vacation. You all enjoy a lot in a very old abandoned boat house. One evening, you arranged for a small party within your friends, and you had a lot of drinks and became very dizzy and fell unconscious, at that moment something went wrong in that place and the whole house catches fire and your friends all escape the house without noticing you thrown down in there, after sometime you wake up and come out from the room to see what is going on, and you find the whole place on fire and you are alone stuck. All you need to do is, there are a lot of objects which are safe inside which will help you escape from this house without any trouble. Make use of all the things and escape from this boat house before the fire spreads everywhere. Go ahead play this app and have a skillful safe escape.

Once you escape from the house, you move on to the second part of the app. You need to find all the hidden objects shown in the panel to complete the app and earn some bonus points. You are provided with hints which will help you to find all the objects and finish the game easily. Go ahead, play this app and have fun!

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Go through the place find all the objects and make use of them properly and escape from the boat house.


• 100% Free to Download.

• Amazing Graphics.

• Skill App.

• Challenging App.

• Escape App.

• Room Escape App.

• Lots of Objects to Collect.

• Looks Cool but Tricky to Play.

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Escape Abandoned Boat House


Escape Abandoned Boat House 1.0.0

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